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    4.2.1 CP3

    Markus Heidt Newbie


      I see, that 4.3.GA is out...but which version is that in terms of JIRA?
      Is it over or under revision 20642?

      I need 4.2.1 CP3, which doesn't seem to be released yet?
      Where can I get it?


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          Mark Little Master

          The binary and source for 4.3 GA are available from the labs download. There's also a tag for it in svn.

          CP3 isn't out yet but will be soon.

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            Markus Heidt Newbie

            Maybe I didn't explain it very well.

            I have 4.3.GA already and need revision 20642.
            Is this already included? Where do I see, which revision# a release has?
            JIRA only shows future releases.

            And why is JIRA talking about 4.2.1 CP3, when 4.3.GA is already released?
            Especially when I can find a 4.4 in JIRA as well.

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              Kevin Conner Master

              4.2.1CP3 is a Cumulative Patch which is created for the SOA platform. The platform has 4.2.1GA as its root.

              All the platform fixes up to CP2 were merged into the trunk for 4.3GA, the CP3 fixes will be merged in for 4.4GA.

              The current active branches are the following

              4.2.1 CP (cumulative patches for the SOA platform)
              4.2.1 FP (feature pack for the SOA platform)
              trunk (project releases. 4.3GA is last release, 4.4GA is next release)

              4.2.1CP and 4.2.1FP are only available through subscription although any modifications made within those branches are merged back into the trunk for the next project release.

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                Mark Little Master

                Of course you are always free to download the source from the repository.