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    Zero code proxy service

    Saliya Ekanayake Newbie


      I have a SOAP Web service back end and I want it to be exposed via Jboss ESB through a proxy service. So in my scenario Jboss ESB will have a proxy Web service giving the same interface as that of the original service.

      The way I could do this was only by writing Java code. But I guess there should be an easy way with less code (ideally no code) to do this.

      I look into the quick start samples and couldn't find a nice to way to achieve my scenario. If someone can help me on this I'll be very much grateful. A SOAP scenario sample would do fine too.

      Thanks in advance

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          Kevin Conner Master

          Hiya Saliya.

          Is this WSO2 trying to do a performance test again?

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            Jervis Liu Apprentice

            Hi Saliya, would a http router suit your need in this case? You may want to check the static_router/simple_cbr demo out. In JBossBSB, any ESB service can be exposed as web servcies (SOAP). I shall be able to provide more concrete helps if you can elaborate a little bit more details on your exact scenario.

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              Saliya Ekanayake Newbie

              Hi Jervisliu,

              Thanks for the help. I looked into the static_router sample in quickstarts/static_router folder in JBoss ESB but I couldn't find any simple_cbr demo.

              Anyway I'll make my scenario simple as follows.

              1. I have an echo service which simply returns any incoming SOAP payload and runs on localhost:8085/MockServices/EchoService.

              2. I want the above service to be exposed via a different endpoint using JBoss ESB. An example endpoint would be localhost:8080/webservice_proxy/EchoProxy

              Thus any SOAP message I send to localhost:8080/webservice_proxy/EchoProxy service will be routed to localhost:8080/MockService/EchoService. I was able to do this by writing a Java class extending the AbstractActionLifecycle class and invoking the desired back end service (the EchoService) from it.

              I would like to know if this scenario is possible to implement without writing Java stuff.

              Thanks in advance,

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                Jervis Liu Apprentice

                Hi saliya, if you can wait for 1 or 2 days, you can try the HttpRouter. There is a minor bug in HttpRouter that can not handle HttpHeaders properly, I fixed it but have not got chance to check in yet, the svn is down at the moment.

                The configuration should look like below roughly:

                <service category="MyServiceCategory" name="MyWSProducerService1" description="WS Frontend speaks natively to the ESB" invmScope="GLOBAL">
                 <jbr-listener name="Http-Gateway" busidref="Http-1" is-gateway="true"/>
                 <action name="JBossWSAdapter" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.routing.http.HttpRouter">
                 <property name="endpointUrl" value="localhost:8080/anotherService"/>
                 <property name="method" value="POST"/>

                Also please feel free to email me directly jliu at redhat.com, if you have any further questions.

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                  Saliya Ekanayake Newbie

                  Hi Jervisliu,

                  I am really thankful for the help (yep I sure can wait for couple days). I will let you know the results ASAP.

                  Thanks again,