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    Problem enabling Smooks in smooks.esb.xml file

    Teresa Stritch Newbie

      Hi. I recently started working with JBoss. My company is specifically interested in a program that allows for message transformation over a server (XML to XML). I have downloaded the following:

      JBoss 4.2.3 GA (Application Server)
      JBossESB 4.3 GA

      I am using Java 1.6.0_03.

      I have been successful in getting the server to run, as well as being able to access the jboss-esb-console. I found the following tutorial http://www.jboss.org/jbossesb/resources/tutorials/xformation-demos/console-demo-01.html which I have been attempting to follow, but with no results. When I attempt to save a message configuration, it fails with the following "warn" message: "Topic lookup failed for the Transformation configuration Update Notifier. Topic name 'topic/org.jboss.soa.esb.console.transformation.Update'. Update Notifier not enabled!"

      After a few attempts, I noticed this "info" message during startup: "Centralized Smooks Instance (Console Based) instance not started. See the 'console.url' property in '/smooks.esb.properties' "

      When I looked in the 'smooks.esb.properties' file, it stated that it was auto-generated, and should not be edited. This did not matter so much, as the 'console.url' property did not exist in my file. After further research, I discovered the 'smooks.esb.xml' file, with the following notation: "Configure in the following property to enable config loading from the Transformation Admin Console." The following line, starting with "entry key="console.url"" was commented out.

      I modified the file, removing the comment from this line. I then restarted my server. While the info message about the "Centralized Smooks Instance" disappeared, and the smooks.esb was apparently bound to the JNDI, my server will no longer start. In fact, it hangs directly following this point.

      I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced something similar, or might be aware of a step that I am missing in order to use Smooks with JBoss ESB.

      Thank you very much.