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    Service Timeouts?

    Mike Trzcianowski Newbie

      I know I can specify a timeout when calling a service with ServiceInvoker.

      The questions is, can I do the same when configuring a service in jboss-esb.xml? For example, if I route a message from one service to another, is there a timeout configuration of the destination service? Or maybe a timeout for an action?

      If this is documented somewhere, please let me know. I could not find it.

      Thank you

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          Mark Little Master

          What is the use case you have in mind? Something like: if the action hasn't completed after 30 seconds send a fault message back to the client?

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            Mike Trzcianowski Newbie

            I have a chain of services that the messages are routed through. The problem I'm facing, is that I when I send a 100 messages as an input, I get more messages on the output (the ouput is not consistent even though I always send the same 100 messages during my testing).

            This started happening after I added a service with several (time consuming) database queries and this makes me think that something is timing out and the messages are being resent.

            I use either static or content-based routers to send messages between services.

            After doing some research, I found that the routers use the MessageMulticaster to send messages which in turn uses the ServiceInvoker with deliverAsync method. So it looks like there is no timeout settings in my situation.

            I'm guessing that some messages are being send to the DLQ and then redelivered. But why? I have the FaultToEPR set using LogicalEPR, so if there is a problem shouldn't they be sent there?

            What happens if a message is being sent to the FaultTo EPR and there is a problem at that point?

            Thank you for any enlightenment

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              Mark Little Master

              Are you getting any warnings/errors or debug statements from the ESB?

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                Mike Trzcianowski Newbie

                I'm logging some information but I don't see any errors/warnings.

                I just ran my test twice after restarting JBoss completely and it seems to be ok now. I wonder if it was a problem with registry and it clear up after the restart.

                I'll post another massage as soon as I see it happen again and any errors/logs. (hopefully not)