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    WS-BPEL support


      If you are looking for the ActiveEndpoints release that we have qualified against (5.0.2), then go to http://www.activevos.com/community-open-source-terms-conditions.php link and you'll find the downloads of the open sourced server (http://www.activevos.com/community-open-source-engine-download.php#final50)

      If you've any problems access this, please post separately to the forum and we'll keep this entry up-to-date.

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          1)What would be the direction of JBOSS's own BPEL support?
          2)ActiveBPEL needs separate Tomcat for deployment. Can it be deployed on JBOSS??
          3) Part of important features of ActiveBPEL ( some thing like designer) are not free

          All these things cause lot of issues in selecting JBoss server, when somebody needs to use BPEL.

          Please provide clarity on the direction.

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            Please respond your direction so that we can recommend to the customers appropriately. Please remove the confusion around this.

            Thanks in advance

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              Sorry that your previous message did not get a response.

              In answer to your questions:

              1) There is a webinar on the 22nd July that will be discussing this topic - please see http://www.jboss.com/promo/BRMWebinarSeries/

              2) My understanding is that ActiveVOS, the commercial product from Active Endpoints, can be deployed into JBoss. However the open source ActiveBPEL project only deploys to Tomcat.

              3) That is correct - however you may want to try the Eclipse BPEL editor as an open source alternative.

              Hope this helps - but for further information I would suggest that the best option is to attend the webinar next month.


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                Sorry, we have been travelling back from Java One and had lots to catch up on. As always, these forums are best effort and sometimes take time for us to handle.

                The webinar that Gary mentions would be worth attending, I believe it will answer some questions and highlight our future direction.


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                  To follow up on this thread, we have recently announced a new project incorporating and extending Apache ODE http://ode.apache.org/ as the BPEL engine.

                  The project is called RiftSaw and you can find more information their project page, https://www.jboss.org/riftsaw and blog http://riftsaw.blogspot.com/