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    Denys Newbie

      Can't find in docs: do you support JBI?

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          Mark Little Master

          We get asked this question once in a while, so a search of the forums might help. The answer today is the same as in the past: we don't support JBI 1.0. We are working with Sun on JBI 2.0 and will probably support that once it becomes a standard. If you are an ESB implementer then JBI can help. But from the perspective of a user it's not as relevant.

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            blep Newbie

            Hello Mark,

            I saw your numerous answers in the forum about JBossESB and JBI and I understood JBossESB will comply with JBI 2.0, but could you please give some information about JBI 2.0 status? JSR 312 had not been updated since april 2007.

            Thank you for your patience!

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              Mark Little Master

              There hasn't been much activity on JBI 2.0 for the past few months.