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    Oracle JMS Type for enqueing Problem

    Davide ant Newbie

      Hi to all,
      i have a problem with enqueing a message in Oracle Queues.
      The jbossEsb works only with ObjectType queues payload rights?

      For creating this queue i use this pls/sql script:
      EXECUTE DBMS_AQADM.CREATE_QUEUE_TABLE (Queue_table => 'action_request3', Queue_payload_type => 'SYS.AQ$_JMS_OBJECT_MESSAGE');
      EXECUTE DBMS_AQADM.CREATE_QUEUE (Queue_name => 'action_request3',Queue_table => 'action_request3');
      execute DBMS_AQADM.START_QUEUE('action_request3', TRUE, TRUE);

      But via pl/sql i'm not able to queue e message.

      The final scope of my project is enqueue an'XML from Oracle via JMS to jbossEsB.

      Can anyone help me?

      Many thanks.