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    jBPM - ESB exception handling

    Morten Hauch Newbie

      Is it possible to map elements from the ESB message to jBPM in an asynchronous call, when using the exception transition?

      <transition name="exception" to="ExceptionHandling"></transition>

      It seems that the esbToBpmVars are ignored in this scenario.

      My mappings work fine when no exception is thrown.

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          nl Newbie


          I am facing the same problem as mentioned above.

          I am calling an esb service from jbpm which is doing transformations with smooks.
          Whenever this transformation failes a SmooksException is thrown, the action processing exception stops and a default error message with the Throwable is sent back to jbpm, which can then be mapped.

          Is there any chance to control what kind of fault message is sent back? For example I'd rather have an application specific exception than a "technical" one. My business process doesn't know anything about Smooks, but my service does.

          Regards, Niels