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    Consuming a big Web Service


      Hi All,

      This enquire refers to the topic discussed in http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=143810
      I used the quickstart example indicated in the topic and got the JBoss Server crashed. The "ant runtest" correctly started but I believe the crashed occurred because I didn't modify the "action" sections of the example.

      My service provider exposes a very large service, which I can browse with SoapUI in the following way:
      - Public tasks
      approximately 20 tasks in the tree (methods?)
      - Private tasks
      approximately 80 tasks.
      ab1 Create an user
      Post and execute an XML request.

      I can create an XML request and have it executed in the Web Service provider.

      Now my question.
      Based upon the above scenario, and considering that I believe SoapUI class is something which I can also use in the action, would it be better to publish the service in the ESB JUDDI or it doesn't make any difference if I use the normal JMS Gateway queue? What you suggest would it be the better approach?