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    implement Observer Pattern

    Chris Sun Newbie

      Special events received by the ESB via JMS are routed (drools) to consumers via http-requests.
      There is no static configuration, but the consumers register at a JBoss-queue and send their http-endpoint-adress and the type of event, they want to consume.

      At the moment an event is coming in, drools makes a http-request to all consumers, that registered for the specified event Type.

      Is there a way to implement this with JBoss given features? How could the mapping between EventType and http-endpoint be realised?
      event1 -> http://localhost/app/setEvent
      event2 -> http://localhost/xxx/setEvent2, http://localhost/appxx/getEvent, http://localhost/aoo/setEvent
      event3 --> http://443.343.55.1/xxx/setEvent, http://lbla.com/appxx/getEvent,

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          Vishal Novice

          no its not possible , there is no direct way to do this but you can register an action with a service where you can filter it based on content of message, or you can you messagefilter instead and do content based routing for both of this there are good examples available in JBOSSESB dirsto