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    Filtering garbage using MessageFilter

    Oleg Puzanov Newbie


      I'm trying to use MessageFilter for doing the content-based routing to ESB services + filtering all the unwanted messages.

      The first task is being handled pretty much well by CBR (MessageFilter), but I'm somewhat confused about the best approach for filtering all the unwanted messages...

      I will need to filter the following messages:

      1) All non-XML messages - it can be anything: textual messages, binaries, whatever
      2) All XML messages, which do not pass schema validation

      Right now I would like to focus on the first part and to filter all non-XML garbage, which may arrive to ESB via HTTP protocol :-)

      Is MessageFilter capable of handling this task? I think that this question should be addressed more to DRL capabilities...

      I was also thinking about using GroovyActionProcessor with Groovy scripts for doing this dirty job about filtering and XML sanity checking.

      Can you please advise me the correct approach?