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    JMS Acknowledgement

    Chris Au Newbie

      Dear All,

      I got the exception :

      2008-11-19 10:02:23,299 ERROR [org.jboss.jms.client.container.ClosedInterceptor] ClosedInterceptor.ClientSessionDelegate[13-w21aqwmf-1-46e9qwmf-lt0qh3-e37js4]: method getAcknowledgeMode() did not go through, the interceptor is CLOSED
      2008-11-19 10:02:23,299 WARN [org.jboss.internal.soa.esb.rosetta.pooling.JmsConnectionPool] JMSException while calling getAcknowledgeMode

      in my jbossesb server. In which I deployed two esb :
      one esb listens to its internal queue and then forward message to a SonicMQ;
      one esb listens to SonicMQ queue and then forward message to a JBossMessaging Topic;

      I am not able to reproduce it, but it keeps appearing randomly.
      Thanks for any possible clues and help.