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    JBPM invoking ESB

    rrrrr rrrr Newbie

      Hi all again,
      I have a web application which manages human Tasks. The tasks are handled by JBPM.
      Now I'd need to fire ESB services from JBPM Nodes.
      How can I arrange my application: should I deploy the .war with the front-end and the .esb for services ? Or should I pack everything in a .ear ?

      I mean: in order to use ESB services the web application should share the same classloader ? (so they should be packed together ? )
      thanks a lot

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          Kevin Conner Master

          There is no real requirement for them to share the same classloader as, in general, the war will have access to any non-scoped classes. You should pay attention to the declared dependencies though.

          If you do want them to share the classloader then it is straight forward, just include the war file within your esb artifact.