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    How to set exceptionMethod when using BeanConfiguredAction

    Kent Damgaard Newbie

      I'm trying to find out how to set up an exceptionHandler for an action which uses the BeanConfiguredAction interface.

      If I don't provide any message I get an error saying that I need a setter method. Since I could not find out what signature to give it I tried somthing along the lines of

      public String getExceptionMethod() {
       return exceptionMethod;
       public void setExceptionMethod(String exceptionMethodName) {
       this.exceptionMethod = exceptionMethodName;

      This elimnated the error message, but the exception method was not called.

      However if I changed it to use the oldfashioned way by supplying a ConfigTree to the constructor and comment out the BeanConfiguredAction and the getter and setter it was called ok.

      Is there a special method signature that is needed to set the exceptionMethod when using BeanConfiguredAction. I tried to look at the samples, but only the ones who are configured through the constructor have exception methods, so I was wondering if there is something in BeanConfiguredAction that prohibits the use of an exception method?