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    CorrelationID dissapearing when using jBPM

    Kevin Richards Newbie


      Apologies if this is the incorrect forum, but I have the following problem.

      I have a JMS listener on the ESB listening to messages. It then invokes jBPM and part of the process is to respond to the original incoming message via a jms reply queue.
      Unfortunately, the correlationID goes missing, and the client posting a message on the JMS queue can't match up the response.

      Is there something I must do to prevent jBPM from discarding/ignoring the correlationID (this gets mapped to the relatesTo in the ESB message if I remember correctly)


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          Kevin Conner Master

          There appear to be two issues related to this.

          The first is that the incoming message ID, used to initialise the messaging from jBPM, is not being stored and initialised in the relates to. Even though these are notifications they should still have this initialised.

          The second issue is a general one in that it is not safe to assume that the messageID/relatesTo values are propagated any further than the immediate communication. If there are intermediate steps then these can may be overwritten, and it should be assumed that they will be. The only safe place to add correlation information is therefore within the EPR used to create the message being used as a reply.

          As we do not have bi-directional gateways, this is something that needs to be managed by the application at present.

          Do you have a test example of what you are trying to achieve? If so, can you send it to me and I will take a look. We should be able to get it working without fixing the relatesTo issue mentioned above.