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    How to Turn on debug logging

    Ashok Sharma Newbie

      Hi All,
      i am new in JbossESB while smooks transformation from xml to xml i am getting these messages in logger,

      12:41:02,218 INFO [STDOUT] Value of resource config in process method: E://smoo
      12:41:02,218 INFO [ClassUtil] Loaded 4 classes from 2 URLs through class list f
      ile META-INF/content-handlers.inf. Process took 0ms. Turn on debug logging for
       more info.
      12:41:02,359 INFO [ContentDeliveryConfigBuilder] All configured XML Element Con
      tent Handler resource configurations can be applied using the SAX or DOM Stream
      Filter. Defaulting to DOM Filter. Set 'global-parameters:stream.filter.type'.
       Turn on debug logging for more info.

      What may be the cause of these messages?

      How can i turn on debug logging as i can see a line "Turn on debug logging for more info"?