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    Scheduling service invocations via message queue

    Juha Siltanen Newbie

      The requirement is to schedule the execution of some services. The service execution consists of fetching data from several hundred different systems one at a time. The message would contain the specifics of which system is used in the service execution.

      I would like this to work through a queue. Scheduler would invoke 'something' that would place a message into a queue. The messages would then be consumed from the queue and services would be invoked accordingly.

      How is this configured?

      I know how to configure a scheduled service call, but that is not exactly what I want. I want a queue buffering the service calls.

      The deployment will be made into a clustered environment. If the queue contains messages message1 and message2 and message1 is ahead of message2 in the queue. Will the service call triggered by message1 block message2 or can some other cluster node pull message2 'behind' message1 from the queue?

      Thanks again and sorry if I asked stupid things :)