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    Specific listener implementation

    Thomas Guenter Newbie


      in our ESB application we need to use an FTP listener and this works so far really good if simple files are involved. The point is that in our application the file organisation in the source ftp directory is out of our influence and is somewhat dynamic. See below:

      input (ftp-directory, static)
       0000052 (customer id, dynamic)
       0000065 (customer id, dynamic)
       0000076 (customer id, dynamic)

      The FTP listener should then be able to scan the input directory for newly created directories and download the complete content of these directories.

      As far as I could see, the original ftp-message-filter configuration is limitted on files of a specific type in one directory. Therefore I think that I have to implement a specific listener for this business specific purpose.
      So far I've found one wiki entry regarding an implementation of a completely new listener (http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-13193) but I'm wondering if there is a way of extending the already existing FTP listener with the specific purposes.

      Of course I could extend and overwrite the existing classes but how can I configure my new classes into the listener configuration. Is there a way of doing such a thing?

      Thanks a lot for any help!