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    Writing a jca resource adapter/InflowGateway

    Rune Molin Newbie

      Hi ev'ryone

      I need some pointers as to how one goes about writing a JCA resource adapter, and/or an InflowGateway (it's not really clear to me what is actually needed).

      The situation is this: We have a legacy, in-house developed notification, or perhaps subscription, system. It's written in C and supports a push protocol. We also a wrapper, so a client to this system may be developed in Java.

      What I would like to do is write an adapter to this system, so I can configure a jca-gateway and have messages from this system on the bus. I have looked at various pages that describes how an InflowGateway can be used to pull messages from a mail account, a jms queue, and such. But these examples relies on already existing resource adapter (mail-ra.ra, jms-ra.rar). I think i'd have to write a new adapter to our system, but I can't really seem to find any good information about how that is done.

      Also, it's now clear to me if I also must write a class that supports InflowGateway.

      Any clues, suggestions and links are much welcome