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    Service registry duplicates

    blep Newbie


      I use 4.4.GA and I meet several issues with service registry/jUDDI, considering the following sequence:

      1/ I start a fresh JBossESB (embeded in JBossAS, not with standalone server) install (it means no data/tmp/work/log folders)
      2/ After startup is finished and no error occured in the logs, I deploy my ESB archive and deployment procedue does not produce errors. This archive contains only one service alone in its category
      3/ When I inquire the registry to list my service in my category, the Registry replies a 2 elements List that contains twice the same service! Here's the code:

      Registry registry = RegistryFactory.getRegistry();
      List<String> services = registry.findServices("myCategory");

      Another intersting fact is that I checked with UDDI Browser to see if jUDDI have my service twice (like I read about dead EPRs in jUDDI posts), but my service appears only once!

      The other issue is about dead EPRs: if I undeploy my ESB archive, no error appears in logs, so I assume deployment was correctly performed, but my service still appear in jUDDI!!

      Thanks for any clue/information!