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    How to implement Message(ESB/JMS) prioritization in JBoss ES

    Thiraviyakumar MS Newbie

      I am new to JBoss ESB. Right now I am evaluating JBoss ESB to achieve prioritization of Messages. There are services already deployed in the server and we are using both ESB and JMS gateways. As per my readings, prioritization can not be controlled by the listener(s). Please help me to find answers for my questions in below.
      1. To apply the prioritization to all the requests, is there any way to apply the prioritization in Bus/Provider level? If yes, please give me the pointer to refer about that if possible.
      2. Is there anything pre-processing kind of stuff to inject the logic of setting priorities in JBoss ESB for all the incoming messages? Again I cannot use filters, I guess. Bcz, as per the current settings we are using service specific buses which are sharing the same QUEUE.
      I would help me if you share your experience or thoughts about message prioritization.