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    fault-to when process reply message

    rsobchak Newbie

      I have a request/response service that sets the reply-to and fault-to using a custom message composer.

      The service processes the message successfully and the response is sent to the correct reply service. If an exception occurs during the reply service, the server logs a warning that no fault-to is set on the message. Do I need to set the fault-to again so the message can be delivered to my error service? If so, when do I set the fault-to?

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          rsobchak Newbie

          My listener is

           <fs-listener name="csvFile"
           <property name="composer-class" value="myCompany.MyMessageComposer"/>
           <property name="default-epr">
           <reply-to service-category="ServiceB" service-name="CSV-ServiceB"/>
           <fault-to service-category="ServiceError" service-name="CSV-ServiceError"/>
           <jms-listener name="csvA" busidref="csvAEsbChannel"/>

          Service A looks like
          <actions mep="RequestResponse">
           <!-- Do some action -->
           <action name="doSomething" class="myCompany.MyAction"/>

          The response makes it to ServiceB via an ESB JMS queue for the listener. ServiceB handling the response throws an exception.
          <actions mep="OneWay">
           <!-- Throw Exception -->
           <action name="throwException" class="myCompany.MyTestAction"/>

          The ESB logs a warning "WARN [ActionProcessingPipeline] No fault address defined for fault message!"

          How do I set the fault information on the response message being handled by ServiceB?

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            Kevin Conner Master

            It looks like you are trying to combine the two services to make a single service. If that is the case then you should be routing from ServiceA to ServiceB so that it is part of the same request/response invocation.

            The ReplyTo/FaultTo headers only apply to a single request/response but this can be fulfilled through the use of multiple services.

            What are you trying to achieve with your test?