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    End task on jBPM process from a web service via ESB (and lis

    turpin vincent Newbie


      I'm using JBossESB in order to manage a process, and i would like to be able to start and stop a task in the process from a web service. So my first idea was to call an ESB service from a web service (that's work) but then in that service i dont find how to acces the process. In fact i tried to call an actionhandler in the ESB service in order to put the context in the message and then to call a java class witch extends AbstractActionLifecycle and use tis context, but it dont seams to work. So how can i end or act on a task from the ESB? The question is quite general but if someone want to see my process or WS file ask me.

      thanks in advance

      BTW i would like to be able to list running process instance but i dindn't find how to for the moment (mabe it will need an other post).

      Vincent turpin