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    Received status code '503' on HTTP SOAP,but no exception

    Gireesh Sivankutty Newbie

      I am trying to solve two issues in esb.


      I am trying to use org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap.SOAPClient to acces my destionation service.If the service is down i am not getting any exception but only getting one log message as
      "18:08:14,125 WARN [SOAPClient] Received status code '503' on HTTP SOAP (POST) request to
      Because of this ,my JMS service is unable to redeliver the message.
      If my Application server is down,i will get the exception and able to redeliver.
      how can i solve this issue?please provide me a solution for redelivering the message.
      My destination service is deployed in tomcat6 and the webservice is created using cxf.


      I am trying to reset the redeliver paramateres(redeliver count and the redeliver delay) from jms console.But it is not getting affected after applying the changes.

      Please provide me a solution for this issue.