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    Architecture / Topology for external uses of the esb

    Simon Desbonnets Newbie


      I am newbie in Jboss ESB and now I have a problem regarding the general architecture or topology.
      I have an environment that is approximately like that:


      Firewall ---------------------------------

      DMZ (Front) Apache

      Firewall ---------------------------------

      Back Tomcat
      Others apps

      Jboss ESB has to be used by my others apps (in the back tier).
      So my idea was to put Jboss ESB in the back tier (no security problem).

      But, in the future, I would like to provide web services to external client (from internet for example). And I also wish to use FTP with outside.

      My question is could I do everything with one ESB located in the back tier or should I use another ESB that will be located in the front tier?
      Is there a better architecture for doing such things?

      I suppose this is not a specific problem so I thank you in advance for your feedbacks.