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    Customer POC - ESB usage scenarios

    prashanth rao Newbie


      I am evaluating Jboss ESB + messaging for a Customer. 2 things they are looking at
      1. Source System ensuring guaranteed delivery when the Target Server goes down for an undetermined amount of time, and once it comes back up, send these messages to the Target System

      2. Messages from Source System to the Target System might have failed for some reason, can be re-sent to the Target System from the Integration Server

      1. what are the things i should be looking at in Jboss (pretty new to Jboss)
      2. can i use DLQ for first scenario? However, i found in the documentation that DLQ is not used if the underlying transport has native support,
      e.g., JMS. In which case you should inspect the JBossESB DLQ as well as any transportspecific equivalent. (I am using JMS for this solution).. Can anyone tell me if DLQ will not work if using JMS???

      3. How does JBoss ESB handle resending of failed messages?