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      we encounter the problem, that the management.esb is flooding our database with its jmxdata table. There have been 4.5 Mio datarecords at approx 250 MB of storage size written within one week.

      I'm wondering if there's is any chance to restrict its verbosity in some way. I mean, some of the information is quite useful (frequency counter, processing time, etc.), some is imho not so useful (jboss-esb.xml-fragments) or need not be stored every 10 minutes since it does not always change.

      What I know i can do at the moment is to:
      a) stop the management.esb service
      b) decrease the update intervall
      c) write a database job to erase entries with a certain age.

      whereas a) is the less desired and c) could be nicely integrated within the management service itself.

      Do other encounter similar problems? What is the best way to handle the management output without loss of sensible information?