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    use ftp-provider to upload files to a remote ftp server

    David Jitendranath Novice

      I'm new to JBoss ESB. I have a test ESB program that picks up files from a ftp server 'A' (modified helloworld_ftp_action sample) I want the picked up file to be uploaded to another ftp server 'B'.
      My question is how can I do this?
      From this sample it is evident that JBoss ESB can pull files from an ftp server location but can it push files (especially the ones it picked up) to a ftp server location?
      Any ideas on how the jboss-esb.xml would look would be much appreciated.


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          bate Newbie

          As a far as i am aware of, you have to use your prefere scp api to upload the file to your ftp server. because JBossESB does not provide anything like outgoing gateway to outpout your message to let say an ftp server directory. Some body may tell you to use the notify action but this is really not a solution. so you have to write an action to capture the bytestream of your message and use the scp api to write to the remote ftp server.
          If you find a better solution i would be glad to know about it as i have the same requirement.