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    JbossESB dependencies ?

    Vincent Girard-Reydet Newbie

      Hi all,

      What does JBossESB ultimately depend on ? Said another way: what in JbossAS does JbossESB depend on ?

      I ask the question because I'de like to use JBossESB in conjunction with OSGi, which is currently impossible. So I'm investigating the possibility of wrapping JBOssESB in a set of OSGi bundles to include it in an OSGi container (Equinox or Felix at present).

      My ultimate goal is to write an OSGi deployer for JBossESB, so that when a bundle starts it can expose its services on JBossESB.

      Do you think it would be feasable ? I have solid background in Java and architecture but I am new to Jboss and have no idea of the effort for doing this.