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    SoapUIClientService issue generating soap request from OGNL

    Stephen Jackson Newbie

      I have a routing service deployed in the esb. I am calling a service available on an ERP system. Jboss ESB is taking in the value and translating it to the SOAP request based on the service definition in the jboss-esb.xml. Only 1 of the values is being sent in of a possible 5. It appears that the SOAPClient is creating the xml based off of the wsdl and OGNL is navigating the xml based on the path used in the class.

      1) If a value is not supplied I don't want it creating the node with no value.
      2) Because it is using the same class as SOAP UI, it is adding comments in the request which causes an error on the ERP soap connector(It does not allow comments) (you know the Optional comments). Is there another way to make the client calls?