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    Using EsbActionHandler in jpdl

    viral mehta Newbie

      I am facing problem while using EsbActionHandler in jpdl..I am using jboss server version 4.2.2.ga and jboss esb version 4.4.ga and jbpm-jpdl3.2.3

      Scenario in which we are using jbpm and esb
      In our web application on specific submit of request I have invoked esb service by calling serviceInvoker.deliverSync(obj)method..And the service invoked by this call will initiate jbpm process which has already been deployed on jboss server..And this process in turn is using nodes in which I have configured EsbActionHandler on node enter event..

      Problem I am facing
      So on initialization of jbpm process by processdefinition,signal() , it will call first service in jpdl. This service is running successfully but after completion of this service ,jbpm will invoke the second one service and the second one service is not getting data which has been prepared by the first service..And so my whole process execution is stopped over there... So basically my bpm variable is not saved after execution of first esb service
      According to errors generated I have tried so many ways to overcome but not able to get success..
      Seeking for help from anyone who can solve this