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    SOA Platform 4.3 - Version for development?

    Jakub Maly Newbie


      we are building process platform for our customer, which will be based on JBoss products (JBoss AS, JBoss ESB, jBPM and other neccessary components). It leads us to recommend the use of JBoss SOA platform (JBSEMP, in version 4.3.

      We have problem with developing prototypes and some other components for the platform. We are using different versions of community editions of mentioned products and they look more different and backward incompatible then I thought.

      Is there any edition of JBoss SOA platform 4.3 for development purposes?

      Found differencies or problems:
      - SOA platform contains JBoss AS 4.3, which I can't find in community version
      - SOA platform contains JBoss ESB 4.4, but it seems it's quite different to comunity edition with same version. E.g. in documentation of SOA platform, chapter 4.4 Service contract definition, is described using of inXSD attribute. We used in ESB 4.5. community edition and it worked, but not for ESB 4.4. Are the versions really different between editions?

      Thanks for replies.