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    Questions on error handling in jBPM integration

    Pavel Drozd Newbie


      I have some questions on error handling in jBPM/jBossESB

      1. Using of exception handler - If exception occurs and we require process termination, is it possible to use Exception handler to decide excecution flow (Token.setNode(Node node))? Is it the recommended solution or is there another possibility?

      2. It seems that Exception handler handles only exception on jBPM flow. It is possible to use Exception handler to handle exceptions occured in ESB services (like Message validation exception, ...)?

      3. Using of Exeception transition - If the exception occurs during ESB service processing, the processing continues to node defined by exception transition. It is possible to get the exception details in this node?

      4. Is it possible to solve exception handling for whole process flow (for solving any exception on ESB services or jbpm flow) without special exception node and exception transitions from each services nodes?

      Thanks for answer