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    Proposal for component enhancement.

    Nick Mpallas Newbie

      Hi all,i was an icefaces user before switching to richfaces.What i really liked in
      icefaces was the ability to create dynamically tabs in a tabpanel.I am aware
      that rich faces support also similar components..but it would be much more easier to create dynamically components if the rich:tabPanel had a var="" value and u could iterate using that so that there was no need for ui:repeat or c:forEach.I know u can simulate such a procedure also in richfaces but it would be more clear in the code and also better for having "clear" components,in terms that there is no interaction with jstl,to create what u like.
      Where does the team stands for it ?

      best regards

      p.s.:Don't try to lead the discussion about the enhancement of a component in pros and cons of the two frameworks!!!!