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    ESB service integration testing

    Matthias Thiele Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am having a problem finding out the proper strategy for writing automated (JUnit, but can also be TestNG or similar) integration tests for ESB services. My requirement for that purpose are rather simple:

      - Invoking services asynchronously
      - Checking whether the expected message chain is executed or the expected reply is send back
      - Mocking services, ideally with the possibility of giving these mocks "custom" behavior.

      All I found until now is the testutils package inside the ESB sources. I see that the classes in there provide some capabilities I can utilize, however, I still did not get the proper strategy of integration testing ESB services.

      Can anybody provide me with resources helping me writing integration tests for ESB services? E.g. is there a small how-to or forum post available (I already tried to search, without finding something appropriate)?
      Is JBoss Embedded, possible extended with the ESB, the correct solution I need to look into?

      I do also appreciate any shared personal experience made with writing tests for ESB services.

      Thanks a lot,