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    Question on CBR and

    Len DiMaggio Apprentice

      Question on content based routing with JBoss Rules and JBoss ESB - what are the circumstances under which property name="ruleReload" value="true" will cause the rules file specified in jboss-esb.xml to be reloaded?

      This JIRA: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBESB-334 - says that:

      The rules will be reloaded when:
      1. the ruleReload is set to true
      2. the ruleSet is changed (we do a string compare)
      3. a message is send into the router.

      What I'm seeing with ESB 4.5 - and the fun_cbr quickstart is that I have to redeploy the .esb archive to get a change in the rules to take effect. The steps that I'm taking are:

      * Build and deploy the quickstart .esb
      * Modify FunCBRRules-XPath.drl - for example, set one of the rules to set the route when the statusCode is set to "3"
      * Make a corresponding change to the statusCode in SampleOrder.xml
      * ant runtest