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    Question about putting existing WebService on ESB

    Dai XiTrum Newbie

      I have an existing web service (A), already deployed on JBoss AS, and another web service (B), also deployed on the same JBoss AS. (A) is called by an outside app, then (A) internally invoke (B)

      I need to have both of them on the ESB.
      My first step is to put (B) on ESB first so (A) can invoke it.
      Is there a quickway to do it?

      I tried to use the HttpRouter as a proxy so all I have to do is change the port of the endpoints of (B), but it seem that I have to use a port for each endpoint.

      Can I use the SOAPProcessor instead?

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          Tom Fennelly Master

          You can use the SOAPProcessor if the webservice endpoints are running in the same container. I suspect you'll still run into the single port issue however. We hope to sort this out in the 4.7 release with a proper Http Gateway that can handle multiple contexts.

          v4.6 is just about to be released and it will contain a SOAPProxy action that should make webservice proxying a lot easier. Again however, it will not solve the single port issue.