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    h:commandLink with download action and a4j:support for reren

    Kristof Devos Newbie


      I have a commandlink which invokes a download action in a seam bean just gets http response from facescontext and streams file to it, this was no problem at all

      No I tried to add an a4j:support to allow rerendering of a component on the page after download, however result was that the download arrived as text in my webpage so no rerender possible

      I googled a bit and tried with a4j:commandLink --> same issue
      I also tried with htmlCommandLink which works fine but no rerender is possible on this component by lack of attribute

      I am using myfaces 1.1.5 and richfaces 3.1.6.

      I'm out of ideas now, does anybody have a clue?

      thx a lot