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    JBOSS as windows service and i[ bind

    nadia ebrahim Newbie

      HI all.
      I have setup a jboss server with esb deployed to it.
      My problem is that when I try to make it a window's service,it doesn't work.
      I run the below service install and it says it has succesfully added service.
      When I look at services on the windows machine ,I don't see the service at all.
      This happens on windows 2008 and vista,I took the same jboss folder and did the service install on a windows 2000 machine and it worked.

      I have run with debug and it doesn't show anything else.

      I also have another issur that when I run the run-b hostname ,jboss starts and can see th screen from that computer (http:\\aittest.woolworths.co.za:8080)
      When I do this from any other computer it doesn't work..Think this is a network issue..Not sure where to start.