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    Integerating multiple Mule ESBs to act as a Federated ESB

    Madhusudhan reddy Newbie


      I am trying to demonstrate Pervasive Grid functionality of ESB to one of my client. I have two JBoss ESBs in two different departments, now I need to integrate these two ESBs. Here my process flow is going to spread across these 2 ESBs

      I have few fundamental question before I start with integrating these ESBs.

      1. What is the best way to connect two logically separated ESBs? (For ex: Directly connecting/Federated or Brokered ESB pattern)
      2. How I am going to maintain Context across the ESBs?
      3. How can I manage and monitor the process flow across ESBs as a single view (like configuring logging services)?
      4. What are security related issues that we need to take care while integrating ESBs