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    Stateful services failover + clustering support

    Julien Jean Paul Sirocchi Newbie

      Hi all,

      I believe it has been explained several times that replication of stateful services is not supported. Yet! :-)

      My question, though, is the following:
      which way would you recommend going if my setup is a clustered JBossAS5.1.0 + JBossESB4.6 (jUDDI, JBM clustered) and my requirement is to have failover support of services? (in my case the collection of services to be deployed in the cluster would comprise an Aggregator)

      I mean, I do not have a specific requirement whereby I need to be processing all those splitted messages coming into the Aggregator in a distributed manner but... looking at the Aggregator code I was wondering if using a distributed cache on the Map used to store the splits would not do the trick and allow me to forget about failover support since all splits are coming in through a clustered JMS queue...

      Kind Regards,