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    ESB 4.6 Multiple web services invocation

    Marco Marsili Newbie

      Hi everybody,
      I'm using ESB 4.6 as a proxy among systems via web services. I have two use cases:
      1) One client invokes one web service using ESB as a proxy. I'm using SOAPProxy to invoke the WS endpoint. Communication client -> ESB and ESB -> WS is secured via certificates.
      2) One client invokes TWO (or more) remote WSs using ESB as a proxy. In this scenario, each WS endpoint on different systems has different WSDL. Thus each WS requires a customized copy of incoming data so a transformation is required. SOAPProxy isn't supposed to do such transformation, so I'm trying to adapt contents to the specific service using Smooks and SOAPClient. This architecture is missing the component which defines the "COMMON WSDL" exsposed from ESB and the way to secure the communication between client and ESB. I would use EBWS (EBS Web Service) as entry point, but the EBWS is listening on the default port 8080.
      While the first use case is well documented, I never found anything about the second one.
      Is the second use case architecture well formed? Is this correct or does anybody knows another way to implement such use case?
      And if this architecture is correct, how can I implement security on EBWS?
      Any help is really appreciated!!!!
      Thank you!