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    ESB easier than JCA re: bridging JBoss JMS components to MQ

    Ben Cotton Newbie

      I am currently trying to configure my JBoss AS5 server with the IBM Websphere MQ JCA adapter so that my JBoss deployed JMS producer/consumer components can interact with legacy MOM destinations hosted by Websphere MQ.

      I am finding that the JBoss documented process for this is non-trivial (http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/UsingWebSphereMQSeriesWithJBossASPart4).

      Is there any prospect that what I am trying to do can be done more easily via JBoss ESB's participation?

      Or at some level, even with ESB, will I necessarily have to do the (difficult) config work re: a JBoss named Resource ConnectionFactory that references the IBM JCA adapter and AdminObject-ds.xml plumbing to get to MQ?

      Beyond just reading the "JBossESB Getting Started" page, I have no familiarity with JBossESB.