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    FTP Listener and number of connections that are opened

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      Hello experts.

      one of our customer uses BAN control on his ftp - server "ftp.x.com", which means that server is getting blocked in case connection frequency of all clients is higher then 5 times per Minute. Due to this issue, I have the following thoughts. Unfortunately I found nothing in the documentation.

      Let`s assume the following jboss-esb.xml of service: "TestService"

      <ftp-provider hostname="ftp.test.com" name="FtpGateway">
       <ftp-bus busid="test1">
       <ftp-message-filter directory="/directory1"
       error-directory="/directory1" input-suffix=".xml"
       password="masterpw" post-delete="false"
       post-directory="/directory1" post-suffix=".archived"
       protocol="ftp" read-only="false" username="master" work-suffix=".work"/>
      <ftp-bus busid="test2">
       <ftp-message-filter directory="/directory2"
       error-directory="/directory2" input-suffix=".xml"
       password="masterpw" post-delete="false"
       post-directory="/directory2" post-suffix=".archived"
       protocol="ftp" read-only="false" username="master" work-suffix=".work"/>
       <service category="AnyServiceCategory" description="lala" name="TestService">
       <jms-listener busidref="EdiFTPEsbChannel" maxThreads="1" name="FTP-ESBListener"/>
       <ftp-listener busidref="test_1" is-gateway="true"
       maxThreads="1" name="Listener1" schedule-frequency="300"/>
       <ftp-listener busidref="test_2" is-gateway="true"
       maxThreads="1" name="Listener2" schedule-frequency="300"/>

      How many connections are TestService opened initially and on schedule
      time-points ?
      - 1 connection for user "master" because initially and / or schedule - frequency is equal for all ftp-listener ?
      - 2 connections, one for each ftp-listener (although its the same user and same schedule-frequency)?

      Thank you very much for your help.

      Best regards,