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    Steven Whyte Newbie

      I have create a service that will execute via the simple-scheduler

      <schedule-provider name="WorkSchedule">
      <simple-schedule frequency="300" frequencyUnits="seconds" scheduleid="work-trigger" />

      According to the frequency, it should run every 5 mins, but fires every 10 seconds instead.

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          Hans Wolffenbuttel Expert


          I have been looking at the code of ESB 4.6 and did see code for the frequencyUnits, but also that the ScheduleProvider is deprecated. So it could be that the SheduleResource is used. If so, it uses the quarts.properties rather than your configuration.

          Not sure if this is the case, but it could be an explenation.



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            Tom Eicher Newbie


            I don't know what you're intending, but using

            <scheduled-listener name="myAltertingListener"

            where MyListener is a ScheduledEventMessageComposer works as advertised.

            Doing MyListener as a ScheduledEventListener works as well, but see my post
            where I had to create a dummy "do nothing" pipeline action for that...

            Cheers, Tom.

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              Steven Whyte Newbie

              I got it to work, I just needed to add scheduling to the scheduled-listener and now it works fine.

              event-processor="com.test.esb.listeners.workflow.WorkScheduledEventComposer" name="WorkSchedulerEventHandler" poll-frequency-seconds="300"
              scheduleidref="workflow-trigger" transacted="true"/>

              Thanks for the replies