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    Attachments and Properties

    Nikos Massios Novice

      Dear ESBers,

      We are busy developing an ESB application and we have a question about something mentioned in the Programmer's Guide.


      At this time it is recommended that developers do not use Properties or Attachments.

      The general concepts they embody are currently being re-evaluated and may change significantly in future releases

      It is recommended that the data for your Properties and Attachments be included as part of the Message Body."

      My first question. Is this still valid warning or is it there since version 4.3 of the ESB and no longer applies to 4.6, 4.7

      My second question. If this is a valid warning. What is the recomended way to piggy back additional information in the message in a way that the real message body can be easily separated/extracted.

      Thanks in advance

      Nikos Massios