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    Austin Kotlus Newbie


      I am new to JBoss forums but am evaluating it for a project that is starting up. One feature that we need is the ability to have different views into the forums. For example, the ability to have multiple forum portlets that are limited to displaying one category or one set of categories.

      The end goal is to have a forum portlet in each section of our application that only shows the forums specific to that area of our application (which is very large).

      A potential workaround would be to deploy multiple forum portlets with different repositories. Is this possible?

      Your help is much appreciated,

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          Ryszard Kozmik Master


          There is no support for such an usecase yet. It is planed but not in very near future. Simply, there are bigger priorities for now, sorry.

          If it is urgent for you, then here are two ideas.

          If you set up different database schemas for each forums deployment, you would have to create sql views for Portal 's User table(s) because Forums use them to get needed info about user. I have no idea if this would work with hibernate, I have never tried such a weird configuration ;-).

          You could contribute a patch for Forums which would display forum categories or forums as specified in portlet instance preferences. It shouldn't be very hard to code. Then you could create different portlet instances for every page you need and add appropriate preferences to constrain categories/forums. This seems to be the most reasonable solution.

          If it is not so urgent then you can wait till I'll do it some day.

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