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    Is this the best jboss forum?

    Anders Lindén Newbie


      I have posted two questions on this forums, but I have never received any answers on my really simple questions.

      I have also seen that compared to other forums (about other things than jboss), people in general do not get answers on their questions. But they get some views on their postings. But the numbers of answers tends to be 0.

      Now I wonder if this is the best jboss forum or if there are better ones.

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          Ryszard Kozmik Master


          Point me to your previous posts. I wasn't able to find any of them.

          Yes it's the best jboss forum as it's the only one now that we develop. However, here we still use nukes and we are in process of moving to JBoss Forums soon.

          Comparing to implementations from other companies is quite hard because none of them are portlets (I don't know any). So, this would be a good summary of this comparison, JBoss Forums at this point is only suitable for use with JBoss Portal while all other are not JSR-168 compilants.

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