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    dynamic categorie / forum permission

    Claus Eiche Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm new with JBoss forums. We are planning to use JBoss Forums (together with JBoss Portal) for a seminar application. We are develpoping an application (portlet) for seminar management (Information + booking). Each time an Admin creates a new seminar in our application a forum should be automatically created within Jboss forums with default acces to the forum admin and the responsible person for the seminar as the forum moderator. Authentication and authorization to forums (and all other integrated application) should be done via LDAP. Each time a registered user books a seminar he should get access to the seminar forum automatically.

      My Idea is to create a new role /group within the LDAP for each seminar when the seminar is created. When a user books a seminar he will become a member of this LDAP group and has therefore access to the seminar forum.

      Is this possible with JBoss forums - if not any other ideas are welcome

      kind regards