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    JBoss Rules Documentation and Usage/Design Patterns

    Mark Proctor Apprentice

      Sam, from the JBoss Documentation team (sam.griffith@jboss.com), is about to start working on the JBoss Rules Documentation. Initially he is just working on spelling and grammar, then he'll work on trying to make the existing content flow better as well as filling out missing content. Eventually I hope, with the community's help, he'll start to add new content. In the mean time please email him, or this mailing list with areas you think need improvements and suggestions for further documentation - please try and elaborate on your ideas to make them useful, as "more use cases" or "usage/design patterns" is too generic a request. But requests like "what pattern can I use to find min/max values" or suggestions like "I think the busy bee/9 queens/travelling salesman/etc problem would make good documentation" are valid.

      The Rule Engine industry is in a very immature state for technical pattern usage; all the focus to date has been on the business methodology or knowledge engineering side, I guess that is how they justify their big prices. I've made an initial wiki page that I hope we can pad out with generic technical usage/design patterns for rules- please help build this up into something useful. Sam will then work on turning this into documentation for the manual. My aim is to make our documentation the best out there. This should not be hard when you look at the rubbish most vendors put out there in order that people are more reliant on their expensive training courses - the PeopleSoft/SAP way of prodiving "Enterprise Solutions". Remember the wiki is a public resource open to all, you just need a jboss.com login.

      JBoss Rules Project Lead